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What People have to say about us

Ex Merrill Lynch Staff

My work with PEPP laid the foundation for a career in that finance sector. During my time at PEPP, I had the opportunity of learning about diverse streams including private equity, mergers and acquisitions, equity valuations; diverse sectors including agriculture, infrastructure, and education among others; learning from industry leaders including Mr. Mathur; and first-hand access to world-class study material and case studies.Beyond work, I am eternally grateful for Mr. Mathur's advice and guidance throughout the past 8 years that I have known him.


It was a great learning experience as I could hear from Arvind who has long experience in the industry. And I could hear what the actual practice is in the market. Interesting stories and insights from an experienced investor.


Thank you for your teaching and guidance during the masterclass on venture capital and startups. I really benefited a lot from the course. Sharing my personal email with you and keep in touch.

J.P. Morgan

Internship at Private Equity Pro
Partners was my first foray into
finance, where I learned about the basics of Investment Banking such as equity research, and options trading strategies along with some insight into the private equity world. Under the mentorship of Mr. Arvind Mathur, I was given the right exposure to the corporate world which left me with enough zeal and curiosity to go on and explore further. This eventually helped me get into HSBC and JP Morgan. I would like to thank Private
Equity Pro Partners for this
opportunity and all its executives for their cooperation and support throughout the internship.

Managing Director,


Arvind played a vital role in the successful establishment of a nearly $ 1 billion India
Infrastructure Fund involving high caliber global investors.

Managing Director,

Rabobank, ex-Citibank,

ex-Merrill Lynch, London

Yes indeed. I came to you 37 years ago in 1985 green eyed and clue-less only with burning desire to succeed. I owe you my whole investment banking career. If you had not taken me in Citibank as ACA industrial trainee, I may have gone down the corporate route joining Unilever or Colgate in 9-5 safe environment and then you were such a good teacher and a manager that it kindled my desire to try my luck out on in a Wall Street name. I will always have highest respect for you!


Hong Kong

I interned with Private Equity Pro Partners for 6 weeks in April 2018 after completing my MBA and I wish I had done it earlier.
Mr. Mathur is one of the most enthusiastic mentors I have had a chance to get guidance from, and he helps his mentees not only with technical knowledge but also with his experiences, soft skills and resources. I can say that I learnt a great deal about Valuation and Private Equity not just in the sessions and cases we used to have but by also accompanying him to meetings and conferences. Any student, at any stage in his career, has a great opportunity to work and learn with

Mr. Mathur.

Soilbuild Group

Holdings Ltd.

Arvind has shared a wealth of experience on Venture Capital workings, Private Equity functions,the terms of negotiations.

Bank Of Ceylon

Sharing your experience with us by way of case studies is great. I believe it is a way of digesting theories into your soul. I have informed my management about you & hopefully I think we will need your help further.

Investment Banker

based in Bombay

Let me first congratulate you in putting up such an enlightening session on Private Equity!
I shall be privileged to have a mentor like you to make me learn the nuances, and leverage innate capabilities to embark upon PE as the Career.

Venture Capital Firm,


Wealth of knowledge; willingness to share; open to views & opinions of others. Very comprehensive syllabus.

Indonesian Investment


Hi Arvind! Many thanks for your willingness to share with us. It was heartening to see you pour into the subject with passion. It definitely helps me a lot in my current development. Please do give me more information about the advanced workshop. Thanks!

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