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Masterclass: Excellence in Portfolio Review Practices for Limited Partners

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Course Overview

Limited partners increasingly have larger and larger portfolios running into billions of dollars of committed capital. These portfolios comprise several fund investments of various types such as venture capital, private equity, mezzanine funds, debt funds et cetera. It is not uncommon for LPs to have hundreds and even thousands of funds in their portfolios. In addition, all fund managers are not the same in terms of their professional development and experience. Monitoring and reviewing such a portfolio is complex and is a key fiduciary responsibility of LPs. 


This course will help LPs meet the challenges by empowering them to address day-to-day requirements, providing senior-level insight into strategic matters, and driving more confident, effective decision-making through timely and meaningful portfolio monitoring and reviews. The course will help LPs to transform their review function into a center of excellence by arming themselves with the appropriate skillset and knowledge.

Sound monitoring can lead to advance corrective measures on problems that may emerge in the portfolio. There are more options to correct problems the sooner the problems are identified. Effective monitoring also requires adequate staffing endowed with professional skills and experience. Effective reviews and monitoring can also lead to value addition opportunities by the LP, leading to enhanced GP performance. 


The course will cover matters which typically arise after a fund commitment has been made such as:

  • Optimal staff allocation to portfolio review activities

  • Optimal organization structure for portfolio review, bearing in mind the need for objectivity and independence

  • Key focus areas of the monitoring and review function

  • Identify strategy drift

  • Analysing and interpreting fund manager reports

  • Drawing lessons of experience that are fed into the fund investment process

  • The role of Limited Partner Advisory Committee (LPAC) members

  • Computing fund returns and carry

  • Identify and monitor key risk metrics

  • Review of valuations submitted by GPs

  • Benchmark fund performance

  • Engaging with other LPs and sharing best practices

  • Make cash flow forecasts for funding capital commitments

  • Make decisions on exits such as secondary sales of LP interests

  • Best practices for disbursing against GP capital calls

  • Monitor fund compliance with Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) commitments and increased sophistication of ESG considerations

  • Training needs of the review function

Outcome and Benefits

The course will lay a strong foundation, enabling delegates to:

  • Introduce downside protection measures

  • Stay on top of key quarterly developments

  • Better understand current performance and risk

  • Identify compliance issues and strategy drift

  • Assess holdings and forecast performance

  • Engage in more informed manager discussions

  • Leverage existing financial reporting data

  • Realize cost savings & keep expertise in-house

  • Identify and execute exit opportunities

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, CFOs, Corporate Treasurers, and Board Members of Companies

Angel and Impact Investing and Fund Managers

Investment Bankers


Commercial Bankers


Private Equity and Sovereign Wealth Fund Managers

Ultra HNI, Private Bankers and Wealth Managers

Limited Partners

Alternative Investment Fund Managers

Capital Market Regulators

Consultants and Advisory Firms

Course Director

arvind mathur.PNG

Arvind has rubbed shoulders with the world's leading venture capital and private equity funds like KKR, Apax Partners, Carlyle, Sequoia, ACCEL Partners, and many others. Arvind has held a variety of positions, including Head of Capital Markets at the Asian Development Bank, Vice President, Citibank, and Senior Adviser, Citi. He was the President of the Indian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, reporting to the CEO of KKR in India and to an Executive Committee including leading private equity and venture capital fund managers, such as Carlyle and the Canada Pension Plan.

He has structured and invested in over 30 private equity funds, including venture capital funds. He has worked on funds with LPs such as CalPERS, La Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, the Prudential Insurance Company of America, and other large institutional investors. He has engineered several IPOs and has successfully negotiated an exit of a financial services startup with the CEO of a US-based MNC in New York.

He has promoted corporate governance in many funds, particularly those involving CalPERS. He has played a key role in the creation, structuring, and placement of a nearly $ 1 billion Infrastructure Fund. He has co-invested and partnered with some of the world's largest institutional investors including pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.

Arvind P. Mathur, CFA, FRM, has taught complex financial topics to fund managers and senior executives in Singapore and other countries for the past 12 years, including venture capital, private equity, M&A, valuation, and negotiation techniques. He has delivered a lecture on Asian buyouts at the Harvard Business School and has delivered more than 100 masterclasses in complex financial disciplines such as private equity, venture capital, and term sheet negotiations in several countries. He has also advised a start-up woman entrepreneur under a Goldman Sachs startup program.

Arvind has attended executive management courses at the Columbia School of Business and Cornell University, and an investment management workshop at the Harvard Business School.

Certification Provided by PEPP


A certificate of participation will be provided by PEPP upon successful completion of course


Merrill Lynch

J.P. Morgan


My work with PEPP laid the foundation for a career in that finance sector. During my time at PEPP, I had the opportunity of learning about diverse streams including private equity, mergers and acquisitions, equity valuations; diverse sectors including agriculture, infrastructure, and education among others; learning from industry leaders including Mr. Mathur; and first-hand access to world-class study material and case studies.Beyond work, I am eternally grateful for Mr. Mathur's advice and guidance throughout the past 8 years that I have known him.

The trainer (Arvind Mathur) discussed the practicality of private equity and deal structuring. Hence it provided very good insights.

- Managing Director

"Arvind played a vital role in the successful establishment of a nearly $ 1 billion India-Infrastructure Fund involving high caliber global investors"

- Managing Director
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